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What little moments make Western Wonderful to you?

The USC’s Health and Wellness Support Service created this project inspired by the ‘The Book of Awesome’ during the 2012-2013 year. 

In the midst of busy life on campus we all experience those moments that make us truly appreciative, even if just for a second. 

It could be a stranger helping you pick up something you dropped, rushing to grab a coffee before class and discovering no line at the Spoke, getting the last seat on the LTC, or successfully catching the Mustang Express home from Richmond Row on a Friday night, amongst many more notable moments.  

Share your Wonderful Western moments with us by tweeting them, with or without a twitpic, with the hashtag #WOWestern at the end! 

These moments will then be uploaded to this tumblr for you to scroll through when you need that little reminder that even though you have a presentation in an hour, an exam in two days and a pile of dirty dishes you need to get through, Western really is Wonderful. 


The University Students’ Council reserves the right not to publish certain WOWestern posts that go against our services values. 

Have questions about this project? Want to get more involved with the USC? Email!